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COPE is administrated by an elected board of Directors and it has diverse members comprising all segments of the business community. The strength of our organization is approximately 305 entrepreneurs.

Our organization provides guidance and support to the existing and potential members on business growth, business information and secretarial support and economic opportunities. In addition to these objectives we supports our members in improving their businesses and finding solutions for their business related issues.

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Arbitration is a private means of dispute resolution whereby the parties agree to be bound by the decision of an arbitrator of their choice whose decision is final and whose award has the legal force of a High Court judgment or order.

Areas where arbitration has proved especially effective include building and civil engineering contracts; shipping; imports; exports and international trade; foreign investment agreements; commodities trading; partnership disputes; insurance contracts; intellectual property agreements; and rent review in commercial leases. This list is not exhaustive, however, for almost any commercial dispute which can be resolved by litigation in court, can be resolved by arbitration, and there is a widespread increase in the use of arbitration generally.

With its flexible, less formal procedures and an emphasis on confidentiality, speed and reduction of costs, arbitration is the smart solution for domestic and international business dispute resolution.

Creating an national entrepreneurial community who conquered the international world of commerce.

Dedicating and contributing the utmost dexterity and ability to confront all the challenges in the journey to place Sri Lankan identity and the dignity on the top of the global business arena.